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Bones - and muscles - are amazing! They respond to the challenges we place on them if done properly. Exercise is an essential ingredient for bone health and improved balance and strength.

A combination of balance exercises, function-based exercises, strengthening exercises, and bone loading exercises will help keep you mobile and help you maintain your independence.

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Exercise Safety - listening to your body

We’re sure you've heard of the phrase, "no pain, no gain". While hard work pays off, not listening to your body can be harmful. Many muscle injuries are from incorrect training. Below we list signs and symptoms that show you may be training incorrectly. Recovery days are essential in between trainings.

Making movement

Human bodies can make very complicated movements. We need full joint motion, muscle strength, muscle flexibility, and the ability to coordinated the parts of our body that perform the motion (think of dancing and gymnasts).

Spine Sparing Strategies

For those vulnerable to spine fracture, it is very important to consider how your back is part of each movement. Most importantly pay attention to bending or twisting the spine, these movements are most risky when they are fast, repeated, when you are holding a weight, and when they move through the full range of bending and twisting.

Importance of warm ups

Warming up muscles and joints prepares them for more challenging activity. Warm ups can take many forms, such as gentle movements of your arms and legs or starting with a very low demand version of an exercise (smaller movements) before gradually increasing the difficulty.

Exercise Disclaimer

Not all exercises or activities are suitable for everyone. If you have any medical issues that affect exercise such as a recent fracture, diabetes, or cardiac or respiratory problems, or if you have fallen in the last 12 months then we strongly recommend that you consult with a licensed or certified health professional before engaging in these exercises.

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