Build Better Bones

This website brings together resources from around the world to help understand and apply how to build better bones if you are someone living with osteoporosis or a care partner. The website is a project of the International Osteoporosis Foundation.


We focus on ways for you to build muscle strength, improve balance, and improve physical function. Explore this section of the website to learn about how to develop your personal exercise routine:

  • Learn about why exercises work from our Knowledge Base
  • Go to our animated exercise videos to perform exercises with instructions
  • Target body areas of your choice and print exercise you want to perform offline
“If you or someone you love has osteoporosis, knowing how to Build Better Bones is the key to a healthy life.”

Nutrition and diet

You can learn about which foods are best for your bones.

Click below to start the path to a healthy diet.

Home safety

There is no place like home. Creating a safe living environment is key to protecting yourself and those you care for. Some home safety hazards may regularly be overlooked, but they can be simple to fix. Here, we share ways to decrease the risk of falling at home.

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