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Making movement

Human bodies can make very complicated movements. We need full joint motion, muscle strength, muscle flexibility, and the ability to coordinated the parts of our body that perform the motion (think of dancing and gymnasts). As joints and muscles become less mobile and muscles weaken, movements will often be harder to control. Tasks can still be accomplished, but with strategies that may overwork some muscles and underwork others. These changes happen slowly over time, which make them hard to see. Here are some questions to think about as you move. Do you fall into your chair toward the end of the sitting movement versus smoothly lowering yourself to the surface? Do your knees move inward (perhaps they even touch) as your lower yourself to a sitting position? How well can you control your motion? Can you sit and rise from a chair without needing your hands to help? Does your body lean to one side as you walk, sit, or climb stairs? As you explore our exercises, perform them while paying attention to how smoothly you can control each part of your body.; make notes about where you can improve your movements.