Home safety

Falls can occur in the home and creating a safe living environment is key to protecting yourself and those you care for. Some home safety hazards may regularly be overlooked, but they can be simple to fix. Here, we share things you can do to decrease the risk of falling at home.

While we may feel safe in our homes, they are often filled with fall safety hazards.

Select the room to create a safe environment.


To help reduce the risk of injury, keep these additional safety tips in mind:

  • Use a safe footstool to reach up to a higher shelf, or ask for help if the risk is too high (e.g. changing a bulb or getting something from a very high shelf).
  • Take a step back when reaching for or placing items on higher shelves.
  • Have easily accessible cordless phones at floor level on each floor of the house.
  • Consider a way of notifying someone in case of a fall – medical alert, smartphone, daily call-in with local police, family member, or neighbour, etc.
  • Carry items so that you can always see ahead, especially as you go down steps.
  • Wear comfortable but safe clothing – secure shoes with non-slippery soles, and no long sleeves that could catch on fire while you’re cooking.
  • Have nightlights installed that are motion-sensitive.
  • Be aware of safe bending techniques. To pick something up from the floor, you will need to bend your knees, keeping your back straight. Hold items you are lifting close to you.